6 Places Where to Buy Cake Decorating Supplies

If you’re a new to a baking and cake decorating world, you will obviously need large amount of equipment to get you started. Sometimes it can be fairly hard to find a local cake decorating supply store, and when you live in a smaller down, you may not have one nearby at all. Luckily these days there are quite a few other options for you, if you’re unlucky to find any of the actual cake supply stores.

Second-hand Cake Decorating Supplies

Buying large amount of cake decorating supplies, can be fairly expensive exercise. Luckily you can find sometimes, that some of the other bakers and decorators have decided to end or downsize their businesses and are selling their whole cake decorating supplies with amazing prices. To find these great bargains, you might want to check out some of the local garage sales, or car boot sales. If this won’t give you any results, you can also have a look on Gumtree or Facebook marketplace, as people quite often sell their second-hand cake decorating supplies over there. It’s also worth to join with some of the local cake decorating groups, as the members might be selling their leftover equipment over there.

Craft Stores

Surprisingly there are quite a few different craft stores where you can find not all of the cake decorating supplies, but they may stock, fair bit of items that might interest you. Most of the larger craft stores, stock stencils, embossers, brushes and Styrofoam circles, that are perfect for dummy cakes. You may also sometimes find edible gold leaves as well as edible glitters from there. But with the last two, you do want to 100% definitely check the packaging. Being a craft store, chances are that the products are actually non edible versions.


Spotlight has pretty amazing range of cake decorating supplies in stock. They do have pretty much anything and everything you might need. From fondant to cake boards, and food colours to edible sprinkles. Good thing with Spotlight is, that even if you don’t have it where you live, they do have online store as well, that is pretty easy to navigate, and you can order all their amazing cake decorating supplies to your home.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are widening their cake decorating section all the time. To be honest they do look very well equipped these days. The plus side is that most of their cake decorating supplies are moderately priced and are quite affordable for all of us. Slight downside on the other hand, is that most of the items are meant for home bakers and decorators, and aren’t always the best quality. This means that quite often, the tools or ingredients aren’t as easy to use as the professional items would be. Being a home baker or a beginner, you do definitely want it to be as easy as possible to start with, so it’s worth considering, what to take and what to leave, when it comes to buying from these stores.

Cheap Shops

Cheap shops are another great place to stock up on cake decorating supplies. They may not have lot of variety, but on the other hand usually their prices are much more affordable then the cake decorating store would be.


Online shopping is probably your best friend when it comes to shopping for cake decorating supplies. You would have the widest range available. And even though you might not be able to buy all the cake decorating supplies, from the same store, chances are that combining your shoppings from several different websites, will give you all the necessary cake decorating supplies you might need to get your new adventures going.