A Beginner’s Guide to Roofing Terminology

If you’re new to the sector of roofing, then you’re going to be hearing a number of phrases you may now not have any clue approximately. It’s better to familiarize yourself with the terminology so that you can save your self loads of confusion in addition down the street Roofing Companies Vancouver Wa.

Whilst you can hear plenty of various words being tossed approximately, most of the words used for the greater vital roofing terminology continue to be the identical at some stage in the world. Hopefully this guide permit you to with what you want to know.

Common Terms

Below we are able to be explaining some of the extra commonplace phrases you may listen on roofing websites or from roofing contractors. This is the terminology every house proprietor ought to know approximately.


Shingles are a kind of roof protecting that includes some of overlapping tiles. Usually you’ll observe that shingles are flat and square and are laid in traces that cross vertically up the roof.

Tiles may be controlled so that each tile is overlapped through a tile above and underlapped by a tile beneath. You may additionally frequently see stone shingles used for housing however different materials such as wood or metallic can be used as well.


The eave is the edge of the roof which overhangs the aspect of your property wall. The eave goes horizontally throughout the bottom of your roof. Eaves are utilized in roofing to keep water off of the walls. Eaves can regularly be a point of decoration for domestic owners.

Fire Rating

A hearth rating is used to determine the resistance a sure cloth will should hearth. When residence fires may be a big challenge, information the fire rating of your house and roofing substances is very important. Materials are classed as having A, B or C class fire score, with A being the most fire resistant.


This is a small structure that protrudes from the out the pinnacle of a sloping roof floor. You’ll frequently see dormers with home windows – you may have one in your attic or on the top floor of your house. These are often used to offer headspace in rooms with low ceilings or as a means to let in natural mild and air flow.


A rafter is located in series with different rafters to assist help the roof and any related weight. Rafters are often called individuals via roofing specialists, however you will see them in your private home as a sequence of beams that increase diagonally upwards from the very outer perimeter of your indoors, generally wherein the roof and your walls meet. For most domestic creation, you will frequently be aware that rafters are created from wooden.


In roofing terminology the deck is an underlying layer of roofing fabric over which roofing is implemented. The deck is regularly created from wooden boards, plywood or planks. The deck is one of the extra essential structural pieces that facilitates to hold maximum different structural components together. The roofing term for deck need to no longer be burdened with the architectural term of the identical word, which refers to a flat floor or floor this is usually constructed outdoor, accelerated from the ground but linked to the facet of a building.

A Few More Valuable Terms

There are dozens of other phrases utilized in roofing and even as you do not need to apprehend them all right away there are a few extra terms that may be useful for the ones looking into upgrading pr repairing their roof.


Blistering is precipitated when bubbles or abnormalities are created in roofing materials. The reason of blistering is usually associated with moisture from amassed rain or snow. Blisters can be resulting from moisture being trapped underneath the material or through moisture being trapped inside the cloth. This is most often seen in shingles.

Drip Edge

A drip facet is a piece of material this is installed along the threshold of a roof to prevent water dropping into regions that might get broken, along with the deck or the eaves. In most instances a drip side may be constructed from metallic.


Flashing is a term that refers to putting in skinny sheets of cloth onto your roof to prevent water from passing into undesirable areas. You’ll often see shingles or other materials pointed outwards on or around chimneys. This is a super instance of flashing – the water will hit off of those substances, preventing any moisture from accomplishing the joints of a house.


A cricket is a small ridge structure built at the best aspect of a chimney that is designed to divert any water from pocketing between the chimney and the roof. Crickets are most customarily visible behind chimneys but they may be extensively utilized on another roof projections. A cricket is also now and again called a saddle.